If you are having
difficulty with bees visiting the
hummingbird feeder here’s one suggestion,

Make the sugar solution 1 part white sugar to five parts
purified water simmered 20 mins. then cooled. In other words a 1-5 ratio instead of the
usual  1 part white sugar to 4 parts  purified water simmered 20 mins.  Bees won’t be
attracted but the hummingbirds will still drink it.  Remember this is not the sole food source

for hummngbirds.  The flowers and bugs around your yard provide that.  This is a little extra treat.

Remember not to use pesticides in your  yard.  Only use non toxic solutions for some  bug control.

Otherwise you can have a balanced yard, if you
let the birds, lizards, beneficial bugs and nature do what they know best.

You can also purchase hummingbird feeders that are designed which bees cannot approach the sugar water.

Do bee kind to the bees and let them have a source for water too and food with your flowers.

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