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Tips and Suggestions for Hummingbird mishaps
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• If a branch has been trimmed with a nest and babies: Re-attach to another branch in close proximity. Secure it and be sure it’s under protective cover from weather and predators as best you can. Keep nest and old branch all together.

• IMPORTANT: Once secured and in place must watch for the return of the
mother hummer. That means stay absolutely focused on the nest sight using both
your eyes and ears. Mama hummer is very quick to feed and off to get more food for her chicks (no walking away) Have a seat for the next 15– 60 mins where you can watch the nest. The mother’s feeding schedule averages every 15 minutes or 3-4 times in one hour for the first 10 -12 days old chicks. As they grow the time can vary between 20-30 minutes. You can call a rehabber to alert the situation with the chicks before hand. If you do not see mama hummer returning call rehabber for help asap. Do not wait past an hour.

• TRIMING: it’s best not to trim vegetation during nesting season. Or be very,
very careful to observe before cutting.

• BABY hummers that have fallen from their nest: go ahead and put back inside
nest if nest is whole. Carefully pick up in your hand. Again follow the
IMPORTANT instructions above for confirming the return of the mother

• A destroyed, broken nest: can reconstruct a nest from egg carton
section lined with torn pieces of tissue lining the inside (don’t use cotton balls).
Secure to the general area found. Or use a plastic strawberry basket or any size basket can be used if there is room to secure in the location. Line it with soft clean sock or tissue . Using soft tissue or a clean sock roll into a round shape with center indented to simulate small nest opening to place hummingbird chick(s) inside. Again IMPORTANT follow instructions above to confirm return of mother hummer. Be sure that the babies are nestled down inside below the lip of the newly made nest. Deep enough to stay inside and still allow mama hummer to reach them to feed.

• NOTE 1: The mother hummer will rejoin with her babies & not worry what the
nest is made of or whether you have touched them. She is far more interested in
feeding her babies and caring for them.

• NOTE 2: If the mother hummer does not return in the time frame given call your
local rehabber who could be listed online or an animal shelter may have a the
contact person or a wildlife center for help.

• NOTE 3: If a hatchling 1-10 days old, nestling 10-14 days old, or hummer fledgling 14-21 days or otherwise young hummer found and no nest in sight CALL immediately for help. Keep the little creature warm and secure until you can reach someone trained to help. You may offer sugar water solution for hydration purposes (a 1-4 ratio of one part white granulated sugar to 4 parts water and simmer until dissolved, cool). Be sure to keep sugar water off feathers by wicking away with tissue if droplets fall on feathers. No food coloring.

they can receive the care and food they will need.

• DEFINITION: Fledgling: is the stage of most bird’s life that is one of the most
precarious. Hasn’t really developed flying skills, may have left the nest prematurely, parent cannot carry back to the nest. They are on the ground and vulnerable to predators. They are fully feathered, clumsy and haven’t learned to be afraid.

• Young hummingbirds found on ground generally need to be rescued unless nest is located or follow instructions above. Adult hummingbirds found on ground and cannot fly need expert attention asap.
Most often sparrows & finches can be placed away from danger and placed close
to where found and the parent will find and care for them. It’s best to call your
local rehabber or animal shelter for more specific advice for specific

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If you find a “banded” hummingbird report with the banding number to: 1-800-327-BAND

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See hummingbirds nesting and raising their babies live on the links below. 1.           2. 3. These are three live cams streaming one from Irvine, one from Aliso Viejo and one from La Verne, CA.

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