Hummingbird Notes



DEFINITION:  Fledgling:  is the stage of most bird’s life that is one of the most precarious.  Hasn’t really developed flying skills, prematurely may have left the nest, parent cannot carry back to the nest.  They are on the ground and vulnerable to predators.  They are fully feathered, clumsy and haven’t learned to be afraid.

 IMPORTANT:  When in doubt if the mother appears to not have returned to the nest, follow these instructions before you remove and take it to a rescue facility

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.  Observe and focus on the nest without leaving the area for a minimum of 40-45 mins.  The average feeding schedule of the female hummingbird is every 15-20 mins. within each hour (sometimes a little longer).  If the mother has not returned after the 45 mins, then take it to a rehab facility.  You can call the rescue facility to prepare them in case it will be necessary to rescue the baby hummingbird.  If you confirm the mother has had a mishap, please get the baby(s) to a rehab center as soon as possible.

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