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2nd Day Self Feeding

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014  Ana’s and Pavan’s  2nd day of self feeding.




January 16, 2014 Phoebe Allens Twins

The twins on Thursday morning with their nest fitted into hand crocheted nest made by a kind person.    Ana and Pavan dressed up for my birthday.

Rescue Video

View two short videos rescuing twin hummingbird nestlings after the mother hummingbird, Phoebe Allens had a mishap and was unable to return to her babies.

Feeding the twins,  Ana & Pavan then removing the nest & chicks 1/9/2014

Sherman Gardens Garden Club

Anna's Hummingbird nestlings JuniperI presented my “Jewels of Nature – Hummingbirds in Your Garden”  talk at the Sherman Gardens of Corona Del Mar, CA on August 17th, 2010.  There were 65 members in attendance.  The Sherman Gardens is a beautiful setting to share the wonders of hummingbirds characteristics, abilities and beauty.  I brought samples of their incredibly intricately woven nests, photos  of the hummingbirds in my yard and exhibited a PowerPoint presentation of those hummingbirds that I have rescued & rehabilitated for release. 

If your organization or garden club would be interested in scheduling a hummingbird talk with me, please contact me at my e-mail: .  

“Jewels of Nature, Hummingbirds in Your Garden”   My presenation will introduce you to a variety of ways to attract hummingbirds to your garden.  I’ll share tips on what to do when you find a lost hummingbird.  There will be plant lists, book and DVD recommendations to further your enjoyment of these “Jewels of Nature”.  I’ll share a hummingbird legend, samples of their nests and much more.  All art & text Monique F. Rea Copyright 2010