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Ant Moats

This is a suggestion on controlling ants approaching hummingbird feeders. You will need: 2 cup hooks one cork plastic cup Screw one cup hook through the bottom of plastic cup into the cork bottom.  Screw 2nd cup hook into the … Continue reading

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If you are having difficulty with bees visiting the hummingbird feeder here’s one suggestion, Make the sugar solution 1 part white sugar to five parts purified water simmered 20 mins. then cooled. In other words a 1-5 ratio instead of … Continue reading

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How Hummingbirds Drink

Watch incredible footage of how a hummingbird drinks and gathers the sugar water and how they must gather the nectar from a flower. Unbelievably wonderful photography that helps see how they do drink.  

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Banded Hummingbirds

If you find a “banded” hummingbird report with the banding number to: 1-800-327-BAND

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See hummingbirds nesting and raising their babies live on the links below. 1.           2. 3. These are three live cams streaming one from Irvine, one from Aliso Viejo and one from La Verne, CA.

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