Hummingbird Eating Ants

This video originated from:    Bella Hummingbird LIVE Webcam    March 9th, 2014  This is quite interesting to watch.  Ants can be problematic for the chicks.

Control ants with non-toxic remedies.


 Eva Hummingbird Eats Ants:


Rain Storm Nestling

March 8th, 2014  rescued from last weekend’s rain storm.  This is an Allen’s Hummingbird approximately 13 days old. His nest was soaking wet and he was extremely cold when first found.  Mother had not returned after several hours.  Very fortunate he has made this far.


Allen’s Hummingbird Nesting Tangleo tree

March 5th, 2014 Allen’s nesting on her two eggs a while before hatching.  She did well through the rain storm over the weekend. Her nest has taken on some new materials.



Ana and Pavan Release


On March 2nd, 2014, the twin, Allen’s Hummingbirds, Ana and Pavan who hatched in Irvine and were rescued and rehabilitated in San Juan Capistrano were released back in the yard where they hatched, Phoebe’s yard.  Watch their release:



Allen’s Nesting Tangelo tree

March 2nd, 2014 after heavy rain fall on Saturday.  Allen’s still nesting with her two eggs in the Tangelo tree.