January 15th, Videos

Enjoy all of these videos.  There is one that you might get a little dizzy watching but be patient because their is a surprise awaiting you.





http://youtu.be/a8n0U1zonmY                                         http://youtu.be/bOgQdRHpxjU


http://youtu.be/-nK1DAUod58 , http://youtu.be/UtFr35OPpjg , http://youtu.be/0vO7Vuue_pw , http://youtu.be/2kTSOiopWZE , http://youtu.be/WAtNvxli0YI , http://youtu.be/TNDJ7PReB8M , http://youtu.be/MEGyiJ3tgEM , http://youtu.be/qqOrnrv6LbE , http://youtu.be/0vO7Vuue_pw

There are a total of 10 new videos to view on YouTube, this website and  Phoebe’ Facebook and Colibri Bijou’s Facebook

 These are on YouTube, “Chuparosamfart”  (see tap at upper left side of home page) and will be posted on Phoebe’s Facebook


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